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Invoices that can be paid in 2 clicks all over the World with any Visa and Mastercard. Created within a minute, delivered by email and SMS.



Subscriptions make sure businesses receive recurring payments automatically, without interrupting client’s day with annoying reminders.


Web payments

Payment modules for e-commerce engines are ready to go in few clicks. Running a custom made website? Accept online payments by taking advantage of Swipe API.



All Swipe services are powered up with notifications. So you don't have to make awkward phone calls to your customers reminding about the unpaid invoices.



Swipe can be easily integrated into the billing process of any system, including e-commerce websites. Test payments are available whenever you need them.


Online invoicing and payment gateway

Enjoy free access to the powerful tools that will accelerate your business turnover.
United in one Swipe account and available through API.

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Delayed payments is a kind of problem, that can stop your business. Interestingly, most debtors do have the money. What they don’t have is the time and patience to open annoying reminders, log into their internet bank accounts and decode payment details from large .pdf invoices on their 5-inch phone screen.

Until Swipe, sending conveniently paid invoices and flexible e-commerce website checkout meant long setup and high investment in IT. Well, not anymore. Swipe team believes that businesses have to stop collecting debts, start planning efficient cash flow and focus on growth. Join if you share our vision.

Reliable support

Always there to give you a hand with any challenge.

Data export

Receive statements in PDF and ISO20022 XML.

No fixed fees

Sign up and use the tools for free. Verify your account to accept Visa and MasterCard payments online. Swipe takes a fair fee only for successful transactions.

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